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EPQISC (Electronic Product Quality Inspection Service Center)
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  PCB product quality inspection service
EPQISC has QC,QA & CQC teams,and be responsible for inspecting all kind of PCB'appearance and function before delivery in RoHS to meet the customers' quality target and final quality assurance, simultaneity track and control all kind of quality demand and help manufacturer to improve the quality step by step,and feedback information to customers in fast and effective way.
Individual service:
With the growth of global market,Litevo set up a professional team to service as following:
1.Litevo have a professional quality survey team about the quality system,environment management,quality evaluation of vendor or equipment management, at the same time, Litevo can do the order audit as cusomters'order request.
2. Litevo can accompany with customer to supplier or inspect the PCB in our Center as the IPC inspection criterion or customers'criterion.The inspection items includes the copper thickness measurement,hole's diameter measurement,dimension,appearance,function,solderability and thermal shock test, and so on.. Acceptable quality Level; Litevo strictly carry on the IPC standard inspection procedure or customers'request, and feedback the recording sheet and audit points to customers.
The PCBA assembly inspection service:
Litevo have powerful PCBA industrial engineering capability, and can help the customer to solve PCB assembly problem during development/design and production stage with high –speed and effective service. Litevo strictly carry on the IPC-A-610D standard inspection procedure.
Litevo insist on the EOS/ESD protection to make sure the high quality.

Note: :For the electronical assembly production refer to electronical components, there is a risk for damaging sensitive components without EOS/ESD protection during operation, package or delivery. Sometimes, this kind of damage maybe lurk in the outgoing inspection, decrease the function of product or found critical defect in test.
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